Houston ASDA's Spotlight on VIPs

Julie Langerbahn is in Houston ASDA's February Spotlight!

Houston ASDA's Spotlight on VIPs (Very Important Pre-dentals) allows us the opportunity to feature some of Texas's most outstanding predental ASDA members. They are elected by their local pre-dental organizations to be showcased as shining representatives of their undergraduate institution!


Aaron Lumbreras is a chemistry major at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. He coaches tennis to children in elementary and junior high at the Lunn Alexander Tennis Academy. In addition he works at the Edinburg Consolidated ISD as a technology intern where he fixes and maintains the technology used by teachers in the classroom. Whether through coaching tennis or working in the school district Aaron says he loves being able to help children expand their learning endeavors and find their passions. 

Here are a few words from this aspiring dentist when asked about his background and why he wants to become a dentist: 

"I first wanted to be a dentist to help people be more confident with their smile. I want to help people show their true selves to the people around them. As someone who needed braces and saw how much more confident I was after the braces came off compared to before. It made me question why people didn’t like the dentist. This made me want to change people’s perspective on the dental office."

And when we asked Aaron's friends and classmates what makes him special they said:

“What makes Aaron a great member is his commitment to the pre-dental society. He has an outstanding work ethic and is always present at meetings and events on a weekly basis. Aaron also is not only an outstanding member of the pre-dental society, he is also an officer for the Operation Smile Club at UTRGV. The club raises money for children around the world who are born with a cleft deformity who aren't able to pay for the surgery and care need."