ASDA Fever Award

The ASDA Fever Award (est. 2013) is a biannual award based on a points system set in place to encourage participation in all types of ASDA events. The ASDA member who has the highest number of points by the end of the Fall semester will be sponsored to attend ASDA Annual Session during the following Spring semester. ASDA Officers are not included in this incentive. For the member who holds the most points in the Spring semester (not including Fall Points), will be sponsored to attend National Leadership Conference in Chicago in November of the following Fall semester. Both Fall and Spring winners each year will receive the "ASDA Fever Award" for showing exemplary dedication to our organization.

ASDA Points Breakdown

Past Winners of the ASDA Fever Award

Fall 2013 - Matthew Franzen

Spring 2014 - Andrea Sauerwein

Spring 2015 - Brady Atkins

Fall 2015 - Katie Womack 

Spring 2016 - Austin Faulk

Fall 2016 - Alex McCallum/ Allie Long

Spring 2017 - Jojo Omaghomi

Fall 2017 - Christine Nguyen