Wellness Newsletter August 2017


In this new school year, let’s start off strong! Emotional Wellness in dental school encompasses your self-esteem, self-acceptance, optimism, and expressing your feelings. This year, make a pledge to yourself to practice mindfulness every day. Make a new friend. Ask for help when you need it. Read this excellent ASDA blog for tips to manage emotional wellness in school this year.




To our upperclassmen in clinic – are you frequently finding yourself throwing away excess unused materials after seeing a patient? Cut back on this and help out the environment by taking what you need from the beginning – you can always go back for more!



Houston is easily becoming one of the top foodie cities in America. Get out and explore the city with your taste buds! Houston Restaurant Weeks is a fundraiser running August 1st to September 4th for the Houston Food Bank where top notch restaurants around the city offer different meal options at discounted prices. Brunch, Lunch, and Dinner options range from $20-$45 for 3,4, and 5 course meals! It is a great way to try something new and also support a wonderful cause. Grab some classmates and go! Find out more at http://www.houstonrestaurantweeks.com/



Whether you are a first year starting new or an upperclassman breaking into the swing of things again, start your semester with a visit with your faculty advisor or mentor. Making connections with faculty and older students can help you along your path in dental school and beyond. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!



Adjacent to the medical center we have the museum district. Take a breather before really entering the grind of school and head to one of the many museums we have in Houston. Explore something outside the field of dentistry. Many of our museums have free admission on Thursdays! http://houmuse.org/free-admission-times/